Yes, People Want 'PCH' in Manhattan Beach

By Dave Fratello | September 11th, 2018

The city of Manhattan Beach is asking if residents want to rename Sepulveda Boulevard to Pacific Coast Highway.

Based on a survey we conducted here on MB Confidential, the change has solid backing.

With 60% total support, and 43% "strong" support, the idea of adopting PCH was a clear winner among the few hundred participants.

However, a bit more than one-third of the people responding to our survey (37%) said they opposed the change, with 31% strongly against.

(See our original post setting up the survey.)

manhattan-beach-sepulveda-pch-poll-resultsWhile "Sepulveda" has a century of history as the moniker for the boulevard, a change like this has seemed inevitable.

Redondo Beach and Hermosa Beach label the road Pacific Coast Highway. (Historical Sepulveda bends east in Redondo and regains its identity in Torrance.)

Most recently, El Segundo changed Sepulveda to PCH. This change left Manhattan Beach isolated as the only South Bay town with this particular road labeled "Sepulveda."

Whether El Segundo forced our proverbial hand, making the change a practical consideration, or whether Manhattan Beach residents always would have chosen PCH, making it more of a matter of preference, we'll never know, exactly. It's all going on.

The story's not yet finished, of course.

The city has taken no action, except to ask the public and businesses with an address on Sepulveda what they think. (A link to the city survey is below for you to vote.)

At MBC world headquarters, which is on PCH Sepulveda, we got a mailed survey from the city. They want to know if we support changing the name of the road, and whether changing it will cost us money - and how much. The worry must be that businesses will have to change stationery, business cards and so on. (This is not a worry for MBC or Confidential Realty.)

Since this is a real estate blog, we're going to pose the question as to whether there is any impact on local residential real estate if Sepulveda changes names to PCH.

One answer: Not much impact, since there's not (currently) any residential real estate on Sepulveda. (Though proposed "mixed use" zoning changes along the commercial boulevard could lead to some people living with an address on the street. See "How About Life ON Sepulveda?" from May 2018.)

People will have to stop slamming East Manhattan by saying, "There's no life east of Sepulveda," because the street name would be wrong. (Also, we've found that there is life, but you should do your own research.)

Mainly, the change to PCH would seem to make a beach town even beachier. We're not exactly a nostalgic group of residents nowadays, so why not knock down "Sepulveda" like we knock down old houses?

You've got an opinion? Take the City of Manhattan Beach official survey on changing Sepulveda to PCH (runs thru Sept. 14).

That's just a few more days to make sure the city hears from you.

As to the other topic from our survey, renaming East Manhattan Beach or other things in MB, we'll report those results in a separate post.


Photo credit: The PCH image above in this post is excerpted from the city website.

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