2000 Prices in 2010?

By Dave Fratello | October 25th, 2008
It's just one man's opinion, but Leo Nordine's may be weightier than others'.

Nordine is an agent who lives in Hermosa Beach and has specialized in foreclosures since the 1990s. Actually, the LA Times labels him the "Foreclosure King" in a profile today.

The story concludes with Nordine's advice (as written by the reporter):
Don't sell unless you absolutely have to. Don't buy until 2010, when prices should be at 2000 levels. And apply every spare nickel to paying off your debt, including mortgages.
More than a year ago, MBC also linked over to some LA Times coverage of Nordine (see "Bearish Leo at LA Times Blog"). Back then he was pretty bearish, too, saying "the next two years are going to be brutal."

Maybe there's only another year left?

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