31st Anyone?

By Dave Fratello | January 21st, 2010
A corner lot on one of MBC's "Great Streets" in the Trees has lingered, surprisingly, for 3 months.

668 31st is on the "better" side of 31st St., meaning the street-to-alley lot connects in back with 30th St. (No disrespect intended with the "alley" reference.) The corner lot, smallish at 4200 sq. ft., is at the cross with Flournoy, at the start of the most heavily tree-lined, flat section of 31st.

There's a gentle downward incline toward 30th, which offers some layout advantages for a new home. Some of our favorite new construction along 31st has had living space or open space above a garage located on 30th. By contrast, the north side of 31st often forces awkward compromises in a home's footprint, with a garage forced to compete with the living space and/or yard.

The only hitch we see at this point is that the northeast corner of 668 31st appears to have a small easement for utility box. (Visible in the pic's lower-left corner.)

668 31st began a week before Halloween last year at $1.3m, and is newly down to $1.1m.

A few years ago we would never have had this listing to even talk about – it would have sold off-market to a builder. Based on a few local dirt sales in recent years, we'd guess $1.4-$1.6m for the dirt would have worked up till 2007 or so.

So how much longer can 668 31st last at $1.1m?

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