386 Days Later, a Sale

By Dave Fratello | April 7th, 2007
It's been a long road for 108 S. Dianthus, but the end is in sight.

On March 16, 2006, the owners put this quirky, large remodel on the market at $4.5 million. That didn't pan out. More than a year later, a million dollars had come off the price (a million!) and there was still no action.

Alas, a buyer has stepped forward. 108 S. Dianthus is PENDING, baby, after 386 DOM. (Not that you'd know with the multiple re-listings).

Last list price was $3.549m (as seen in the MB Market Update). Let's hope the buyers were fully informed just how stale the property really was, and got themselves a discount off that as well. In about a month, if this all works out, we'll see.

Worth noting: The sellers paid $2.34m way, way, way back in 2001. At the time that seemed like a lot of money for a house. There has been a lot of remodeling at 108 Dianthus since then.

Also intriguing: These buyers passed on some pretty nice comparable properties in the Hill Section in the $2.7m-$3.4m range, including larger, beautiful new construction at 114 N Ardmore and a nice 5,000 sq. ft. "Hacienda" at 873 8th. What Dianthus had over most or all of those is the coveted "big blue marble" panoramic ocean views.

This news means the crustiest Hill Section listing is the peculiar, artsy, ultra-modern remodel at 844 11th, approaching its first birthday on the MLS after $480k in cuts to asking. $2.7m is still too much there.

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