A Chateau to Call One's Own

By Dave Fratello | October 18th, 2013

It's definitely one of our favorite things about Manhattan Beach real estate – homes here are different, block by block, lot by lot.

Styles come and go, original homes get upgraded, added onto or razed and replaced with the newest fashion in home building.

Then, here and there, you find a completely custom place that has no analogue around town.

We hardly needed a reminder, but recent work with clients in Orange County – can you say, "70s tract housing?" – just served to underscore our appreciation for MB's diversity in housing stock.

Which brings us now to the recent sale at 1027 Boundary Place (4br/4ba, 3260 sq. ft.). The newest listing for this one called it a "European chateau inspired home" that is "unlike any other."

Yes. Unlike any other.

Multiple levels, that Euro flavor, a grotto, bedrooms feeling like they're up in towers befitting the little princes or princesses who might move in... it's a different house.

After a run on the market in 2012 that lasted 6 months, the home was finally purchased and got some much-needed upgrades, especially to the kitchen.

It was quite a surprise to see this home come back to market in Summer 2013, but it was not a flip, just a change in circumstances requiring the resale.

In June 2012 this one traded for $1.475M, but came back more than $500K higher at $1.980M in August this year.

That was a bit too ambitious, but the listing saw a few quick price corrections on the way to a pretty efficient deal. Sold price has just posted as $1.770M.

That price captures the value of a 3000+ sq. ft. home in the Hill Section with some views and a new kitchen. (We found the kitchen to be very custom to someone's specific tastes, not the flavor of the month, but certainly much better than the 2012 version.)

This home would have shot past $2M easily if not for the alley location near Sepulveda and the unusual layout.

Net profits from the sale would have been a bit over $200K, then you'd subtract the cost of the remodeling. It's still a good trade for the seller and a nice get for the buyer.

For our full review of this one from this year, see our Aug. 10/11 "Weekend Opens" post.

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