Aiming High on Poinsettia

By Dave Fratello | May 17th, 2007
Shorewood's data for March '07 told us that average per-square-foot prices were softening in MB, now at $689 as compared to $789 in the same month last year.

But that is just an average.

If you're jumping into the market now with a hot new remodeled cottage, you might well demand almost twice that. That's what the sellers at 1829 Poinsettia are doing.

This low-slung, "[n]ewly transformed and completely modernized beach cottage" (listing) can be yours today for $1.8 million ($1.785m). [Pix tk.] In a nod to green living, the place is on the small side – 3 bedrooms, 2 baths and 1,435 sq. ft.

Price per square foot: $1,244.

There are some location pluses here – it's a corner lot in a sleepy part of the Tree Section. (Standard lot size at 4480 sq. ft.)

But if you're a Tree Section shopper today, you're bound to notice that nearly everything in the $1.5m-$2m range has at least 1,000 more square feet, and some have a pretty nice location going for them, too. (2812 Elm has been stuck for 8 mos. at $1.769m, but it has comparable location and greater size going for it.)

So what's the market for maximally tricked-out cottages this Spring?

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