Aiming High, Part II

By Dave Fratello | May 21st, 2007

There was a veritable buzz out this weekend concerning 1829 Poinsettia, the new listing MBC called a "maximally tricked-out cottage" the other day. Everyone wanted to know, what makes this 1,400 sq. ft. house (supposedly) worth $1.8 million? There was a steady flow of people asking that question through the open houses Sat. & Sun.

Turns out there's no good answer, though, as to why this is priced so high for its size. Since the sellers think so much of the place, they're not yet open to hearing negatives like:
  • The remodel isn't even finished – no stove in the kitchen and a big hole in the cabinets where presumably an oven used to be;
  • The floors are mostly original, circa 1950, which could be really sweet and charming, but mostly the flooring just seems to have been overlooked in the remodel; ooh, and the dark wood interlaced parquet in the hallways, yechhh;
  • No yard to speak of, some nice landscaping out front but the only real outdoor space is a courtyard with a paving stone floor (see pic.) and that's it;
  • The gigantic new construction across 19th St. fairly dominates the view from the living room and one bedroom;
  • Two bedrooms are quite small with built-in drawers under closets that are original, kind of clunky;
  • Master bedroom is nice but it's no palace, not lots of storage or extra space; and
  • Walls were poorly plastered where electrical switches were added or moved; globs and uneven spots are noticeable.
The above is merely the opinion of this viewer, just one of many to sashay through the home's debut. There are nice things to say, too, about the overall quality of the remodel, from the aforementioned paving stones (nice) to the exterior carpentry and interior fixtures, tile and stone. Much was done well. But obviously, MBC is not convinced this house is worth anywhere near its asking price.

Are the sellers are delusional, or does MBC just not get it? Time will tell.

Also, a new listing at exactly the same $1.785m in the Trees (737 36th St.) has an extra 1,000 sq. ft., meaning buyers who want to pay that much have plenty of options.

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