Another High on Rosecrans

By Dave Fratello | June 25th, 2014

We're only a year removed from a time when it became somewhat normal for homes on Rosecrans to sell over $1.2M-$1.3M+.

How about if we take it up a notch?

588 Rosecrans (4br/4ba, 2175 sq. ft.) has done just that, with a closed sale at $1.545M, pretty much the asking price.

That's about $200K higher than 3 comps from last year.

Among homes on Rosecrans, it's second only to last year's shocker/sensation of a Euro/modern at 610 Rosecrans (4br/4ba, 1800 sq. ft.), which nabbed $1.635M. (See "Rosecrans Shocker" for more.)

As to 588, it's hard to compare this one to any other Rosecrans home, with its bigger lot (4325 sq. ft.) and completely custom design. (Most nearby lots are in the 3000s.)

"Tuscan inspired," the home has a first-floor living space that opens out to a paved front patio via double (wood) doors, integrating the living room with that outdoor space. As we said in our review in April, It's a bit bold to incorporate a front yard on Rosecrans into the home this way, but it works.

The rustic details continue throughout the first floor, then you open out to a very spacious back patio with seating area and a hot tub. In all, the feeling is of a wide-open, flowing space that invites you outside – front or back.

The kitchen is on the small side, and the bedroom layout is a bit different, with one downstairs, a very small one upstairs with the master and the fourth bedroom in a "guest house" above the large 2-car garage.

They needed to find the perfect match for the home as it stands – and they did.

Here are the sales from last year that 588 Rosecrans has just blown away:

This was only the second listing on Rosecrans to ever ask more than $1.5M, and the first to get it.

646 Rosecrans sought $1.900M (really) in 2008 and $1.550M last year before settling in the mid-$1.3s.

So what's your next act, Rosecrans?

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