Ardmore is Happening

By Dave Fratello | February 21st, 2019

Sometimes, for no particular reason, one street gets hot.

About a year ago, we noted the unusually high proportion of recent sales on Pine Ave. in the Tree Section. (The post was the 3/15/18 MB Market Update, but the whole first section is all about Pine Pine Pine.) At the time there were 14 recent listings and sales on Pine.

We bring you now to Ardmore, which cuts through MB along the greenbelt.

Why should there be a notable kick of activity on Ardmore, when it's just one side of the street? (Valley Drive hosts the addresses on the other side of the greenbelt.)

The real estate gods don't answer questions like this for us, they just present the questions.

2800 N Ardmore Avenue Manhattan Beach CAThis year, you could argue that 2800 Ardmore began to focus attention on the road.

The 6000-sqft. corner lot (with a nice cottage) was sold to a developer for $2.150M in late January.

After that, 4 new listings on Ardmore have popped up in quick succession:

2132 Ardmore (4br/3ba, 1850 sqft.), a mid-century-modern remodel, asking $2.195M.

1118 Ardmore (3br/3ba, 1800 sqft.), a condo in the corner building across from Vons, is technically in the Hill Section. Listed at $1.899M, it made a deal within a week.

2712 N Ardmore Avenue Manhattan Beach CANow neighboring 2712 Ardmore and 2708 Ardmore have both come to market at the same time. The first is a 2br cottage with novel updates and a huge lot (7500 sqft.). 2708 is a tall-and-skinny 2-story cottage (3br/3ba, 1750 sqft.) that was recently a rental. 2712 is at $1.949M and 2708 is asking $1.699M.

That's 5 listings in 2019, quite a jump, but that's not the whole story.

There were 5 listings in all of 2018, and 6 in 2017 on Ardmore.

1428 N Ardmore Avenue Manhattan Beach CAA big corner lot near downtown (at 15th) at 1428 Ardmore sold in October 2018 for $2.325M; well above the $2.199M asking price.

And on and off the market in 2017 and 2018 (and still on now in 2019) is 304 Ardmore, a modern style new construction home in the Hill Section.

Once asking $7.750M, it's now at $7.199M, and just kind of hoping for that buyer to come knock.

Now, there are never going to be a real ton of listings on Ardmore. There aren't that many homes!

But we're hearing tell of more to come, which could make 2019 a banner year for this particular boulevard.

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