Auctions Approach

By Dave Fratello | November 20th, 2008
This Sunday is the auction date for 5 new homes in MB and HB.

Auctions will occur at each individual property at the times listed below.

To bid, you must be registered by Friday using forms available at the website of the auction company.

Non-registered members of the public are welcome to attend any auction. MBC encourages even non-bidding readers to drop in on at least one.

Please see the MBC story "Name Your Price?" from one month ago for more detail on each home, including pics, links and original list prices.

Times on Sunday are as follows, earliest to latest, with auction start prices in parens:
540 21st, HB ($1.649m) – 10:00am

544 21st, HB ($1.699m) – 10:15am

2509 Palm, MB ($1.499m) – 11:30am

1405 Faymont, MB ($1.399m) – 12:30pm

1211 11th, MB ($1.450m) – 1:30pm
On the website of the auction company, be aware that these 5 properties are listed in a scrolling window titled "Upcoming Auctions." The top 3, and last 2, of the properties in that list are the 5 that go up Sunday. Use the red "Auction Information" button to download bidding registration documents.

We can't attend them all, so we ask readers who do attend to report back here on what you see, what people are saying, and how the final bids work out.

Please see our blog disclaimer.

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