Back for Another Go

By Dave Fratello | January 17th, 2013
This is a funny week with the upcoming 3-day weekend, in that sellers (and agents) seem not to want to put out new listings. Worry not, though, Spring (for real estate) is right around the corner. 

What we do see here and there now is the return of 2012 listings that didn't catch on. They always meant to sell, but took the holidays off.

Here's a recap of the newest returnees:

810 1st (5br/5ba, 4850 sq. ft.) is an 80s original on a big, flat, 9425 sq. ft. lot with some very nice ocean views – surprising, perhaps, for a house that's so close to Ardmore.

The issue here is that absolutely everything needs a 21st-century update. That takes vision and will take some cash. At the end, we see potential for a terrific house, but you've got to buy it at the right price. (See our review from August 2012.)

810 1st began last year at $3.950M and crept down $300K before dropping out in December.

It's back to active status now – with the same MLS # and showing 153 DOM – with a little bit more of a discount at $3.577M.

216 2nd (4br/4ba, 2750 sq. ft.) is a sleek and bold modern ("tropical modern" per the listing) that was completed in 2008 and has done some service time on the market over the past 2 years. It began in August 2011 and ran till October 2012.

Prices on this one have run as high as $4.390M and as low as the current asking: $3.899M. (For more on the home, see our review from August 2011.)

Unlike 810 1st, this one has been off market quite a while, more than 4 full months. It was off "for the holidays" if you include Columbus Day and Halloween.

The rules for re-lists allow a fresh MLS # automatically when a property has been off-market at least 90 days, which this one easily surpassed.

216 2nd is also offered for rent at $16K/mo.

2600 Oak (5br/5ba, 3200 sq. ft.) is one of the more recent of the speedy speckies, a series of several virtually identical Mediterraneans that have cropped up – mainly in the Trees – over the past couple years.

This one logged 6 months in 2012 without selling, with a start price of $1.799M and a new price of $1.699M.

The holiday dropout period here was just 3 weeks between late December and a re-list (with a fresh new MLS #) on January 11.

Not all of this home's brethren have sold. Some are rented out, others remain on market and we see evidence of more in development.

We'd expect to see a few more listings from 2012 return in the coming weeks as the Super Bowl approaches.

For a rundown on a several specific listings that quit in 2012, some of which might yet come back again this year, see "The Year's Quitters" from last September.

There are some great places sprinkled in there that might be had in 2013.

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