Before and After at 3613 Walnut

By Dave Fratello | December 15th, 2014

New to market this week (yes, odd timing) is a flipper remodel at 3613 Walnut.

There's a unique opportunity here to see a lot of before-and-after photos, since we can show you both the old listing and the new one.

3613 Walnut (4br/5ba, 3545 sq. ft.) sold in May this year for $1.665M. (Clicking the address in this sentence gives you the old, sold listing.)

At the time, the 80s build was dreary, pretty much spent and showing its age.

Dreary, uninspired listing photos taken with a smart phone did not exactly sell the place. The listing description was pretty frank at the time in calling it a project home for someone – designers, builders, anyone with "creativity and vision."

Turns out, it was a flipper that took it on.

Now, after a very thorough remodel (creativity! vision!), complemented by actual professional listing photos (imagine that!), we've got quite a study in contrasts to see.

The master bath is surely much improved.

The alley kitchen was opened up and modernized.


And the living room got a total makeover.

We can capture the transformation partly with our photos here, but you might like to check them out side-by-side as well.

Old listing: 3613 Walnut

New listing: 3613 Walnut

Oh, yes, as to the new listing. They are asking $2.699M

The price there is obviously ambitious for a house so very close to Rosecrans and the refinery, let alone any other factors. But the transformation of the home between then and now is impressive, so they'll get some points (and $) for that.

The same flipper recently took on and sold a home with a comparable subpar location issue, 3521 Oak. When they first put out the flip at $1.599M it was high for the market, but they found their buyer 10% lower at $1.435M.

About $2.7M is where they'll start with the new flip; we'll see how it settles out.

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