Bump it Up? Why Not?

By Dave Fratello | August 7th, 2007
There is a chance we'll see the price-increase tactic succeed for the first time. No guarantees, of course.

The home at 2822 Ardmore began at $1.299m on June 29, and shortly afterward (12 days) re-listed and bumped up to $1.345m. Today they pulled another bogus re-list and moved up to $1.399m.

The thing is, this one is all alone. There is nothing for sale in the Tree Section for less than $1.5m, actually $1.585m. Everything has been snapped up, starting with the wave of sales that triggered MBC's story "A Clearing in the Trees" in mid-July. It's all happening fast in this segment.

There are homes lingering below $2m, but there's no denying the action. Over at Ardmore, they're feeling confident now.

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