Business Is Done at 34th

By Dave Fratello | March 2nd, 2011
It took 3 years of wasted efforts for 228 34th (3br/4ba, 3450 sq. ft.) to not sell.

We said 2 weeks ago the home had "feebly trolled for buyers" over that time, trying some "razmataz" like the goofy – but not unprecedented – offer to toss in a luxury sports car for any full-price buyer. (See "Open-Air Living, Open-Air Driving" from Dec. 2009.)

No more feeble trolling. This year, with its first realistic pricing, the home has made a deal at about the list price of $2.550m after multiple offers.

The home still needs work – we called the exterior "terribly dated" and in need of "reimagining," though the interior's good, and the roofdeck is a big treat.

The quick sale beats out the neighbor that's also for sale, 224 34th (4br/4ba, 3700 sq. ft.), which we recently called "crisp, taut, [and] beautiful." (See our "Sunday Opens" post from 2 weeks ago for a bit more.) That one's been up at $2.999m for a bit more than a month, close to its $2.925m acquisition price from 2006. (See "Not Rewinding on 34th.")

What's that we keep hearing about well-priced homes being the ones that sell?

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