Carrara and Carreras

By Dave Fratello | February 9th, 2015

A Quick Memo from the Dept. of Repeating Ourselves...

This is a Carrera.

It is made by Porsche.

It's got two seats, practically speaking.

It goes fast.

It's especially nice with the top down.

Meantime, the pretty white marble that is all the rage in new construction and remodels in Manhattan Beach is...


Carrara marble.

Carrara is a city in Italy, in a mining region where they don't have so many Carreras.

This is a photo from the actual, famous mine in Carrara.

There's really no mistaking the two.

Sure, it's just a one-letter difference, but it's a difference.

We hear and see confusion over this all the time.

Home descriptions are written routinely with references to "Carrera marble."

People talk about their likes and dislikes, what they want in home design. They say they want "Carrera marble," which plainly does not exist. Unless Porsche chooses to offer it as an option.

A little more background that may help: The name Carrara for the city in Italy draws from a few possible sources, but the simplest explanation may be the best.

An ancient term for stone, "kar," mixed with a word for region, "aria," gives you "kararia," then Carrara, meaning, basically, "place of stone." (This type of marble is hardly a new sensation; it dates way back.)

Meanwhile, "Carrera," in Spanish, means "race."

Porsches are German, so they sure didn't name the car "race" or "racer" in German. But there was a heady road-race series in Mexico in the 1950s called the "Carrera Panamericana," in which Porsche vehicles were successful. Hence, the company memorialized its success by naming a line of cars "Carrera." (Nice brand development, by the way.)

Had those famous road races been held in Italy, instead of Mexico, maybe Porsche would have wound up naming their cars "Carrara" after all, and all of this regrettable confusion could have been avoided.

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