Changing Address Midstream

By Dave Fratello | July 14th, 2007
We've established pretty well by now that a common ploy of stale listings is to pull a bogus re-list and reset the DOM clock.

Earlier this week MBC discussed what appeared to be a unique case of a property address being changed at the same time as a bogus re-list was pushed through. (232 16th St., with a front door facing Highland Ave., became 234 16th.).

Some thought the tactic strange, others outrageous. But some sellers, assisted by their agent, apparently thought it was a brilliant move to change address while they were on the market.

That's how 3009 Highland Ave. became 232 30th Place this week. Same house, same agent, new address and new MLS# starting July 11. (Old: S945313, New: S950705.)

It might be significant that the new construction (now in escrow) next door to "232 30th Place" had also changed its address from a Highland number to 233 30th St., but if that wasn't done before the listing went live, it's just a sidenote.

One reason this move didn't slip past us is that we wrote about 3009 Highland before its identity crisis. At the time we lauded the sellers' non-greedy pricing, since they paid $1.225m in July '05 and were seeking a markup of just 12% – fairly little real cash once a sale closes. The new listing carries $1.369m as the start price, though 3009 Highland had been down a tad to $1.359m before that listing was canceled.

So that's two now. How many make a trend?

Intriguingly, the agent on "232 30th Place" is the same one hawking the new construction at the corner of 45th and Highland (most recently discussed here).

At this time, that address is 4419 Highland Ave., but if it gets stuck...

Hello 220 45th St.!

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