Closing the Books on 2007

By Dave Fratello | March 11th, 2008
Late last year, MBC posted a rundown of SFR sales data covering April-October 2007. Now, we are, at last, presenting the data through year end.

Click here to download a single spreadsheet with data on all SFR sales west of Sepulveda from April-Dec. 2007. (MBC started up in March 2007; our public tracking began shortly thereafter.)

There will be a semi-permanent link to this data in the upper-right corner of the front page, under "MB Market Info & Updates."

Here's a capsule view of the data available for download:
  • We break down the area west of Sepulveda into 4 submarkets (Hill, Sand, Trees <$2m and Trees $2m+).
  • We focus on closed sales. Normally at MBC, our market updates capture all activity within a given 2-week period, including new deals (new escrows). This more traditional data focuses on closed sales only.
  • We present 3 separate views of the same data from each submarket – closed sales by price, closed sales by date and closed sales by home condition. These various presentations should help users to easily find the data they need for a range of purposes.
The data here cover:
  • 19 sales in the Hill Section;
  • 45 sales in the Sand Section (SFRs only); and
  • 67 sales in the Tree Section (36 below $2m, 31 above $2m)
That's 131 total sales. We noted in a previous 2007 wrap-up that MB, as a whole, saw 344 total sales of SFRs. (See "Slower, Slower, Slower.") What's missing from this data, for sure, is a hot 1st quarter and all of East Manhattan. It's possible we're missing more, and we're willing to add to this database, of course.

Our data charts are among the least-discussed and, yet, the most popular of the offerings at MBC. We trust that readers find them useful. Never can we claim they're perfect, but we do our best here to compile information any civilian can find on the local RE market, and offer it up for general consumption. We're always looking for corrections and additional information from readers, and updating the spreadsheets to reflect more information.

Though we're suspending comment, for the moment, on what the data show, we encourage those brave souls who download and analyze this info to start a discussion on what it means. We'll chime in along the way.

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