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By Dave Fratello | March 19th, 2007
Frequently I pass this lovely new construction. As you read this, it seems the builders are wiping off the last bits of dust and getting ready to put the house on the market.

The house is innovative, stunning and completely unique on its block. Indeed it's a Strand-worthy design.

Something that adds to its inherent modernist beauty is the way the designer tucked the garage away so you have a covered carport. This breaks up face of the house to emphasize the upper living areas. You almost have to look up and take in the whole tower.

From inside, you probably have some ocean peeks from those rounded front windows. Almost certainly from upstairs. And since so much thought went into the design of the building, here's hoping that inside, the whole place is tricked out with all the best materials, appliances, etc.

Now that we've said all the good things we feel, it's time for MBC's reality check. This home is not on the Strand. It's on Manhattan Beach Blvd., near Pacific Ave. And this is a rather drastic case of over-improvement for the block. Most people will enjoy this lovely house at 40 MPH.

And consider the neighboring homes -- many of them lookalike 60s boxes, many of them rentals, all of them caked in black soot from vehicle exhaust.

If this house (725 Manhattan Beach Blvd.) comes to market, pricing will be interesting. We'll track it. (Sales records show a purchase 3 years ago, March '04, for $779k.)

How do you weigh all the factors? Construction: Big upside. Location: Eeeeeeeegh. Depending on size, this is probably a $3m+ house. Location has to be a 20-30% drag, though.

One way or another, someone is going to pay a ton of money to live in a landmark home in a dubious location. That's MB.

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