Crow may be eaten

By Dave Fratello | April 24th, 2007
MBC will generally steer clear of predictions. It's a bad idea to pretend to know something you cannot know.

But a recent post came close. Discussing 2500 Pacific Ave., MBC said:
When the same house was on the market in our last hot summer, 2005, it hung around for 90 days or so. Today's average is probably closer to 90-120 days for listings that have nice attributes.

A marginal listing is not a good market barometer. But same-property sales are an indicator. You can bet MBC will watch the action on 2500 Pacific. Our bet: They're fishing and they go back to renting it out.
Translation: MBC was expecting very long DOM and perhaps no sale.

But today, 2500 Pacific has gone pending. Just like that, two weeks on the market.

Oh, all the intrigue is still there – who bought it, for how much, and what are their plans? Big questions for a marginal listing. Bottom line: These were serious sellers.

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