Did You Know We've Got CDOM?

By Dave Fratello | November 1st, 2016

Now and then throughout the year, you'll see a listing pop up as "new," and you'll know that it just ain't so.

MBC readers are, by and large, the types who pay attention. So we know you have that reaction.

Now, here on the site, we've added a nifty new feature to MB Confidential that will help you see the truth through bogus re-lists. If your instinct says, "That's not new," you can easily check it out.

As you see in the image above, we now display the "Combined DOM" right under the standard Days on Market figure for every listing. (We highlighted it in blue here to make it stand out; normally it's plain text.)

Even when a seller and agent pull a bogus re-list, you'll be able to see the true Days on Market here. (In a bogus re-list, the MLS listing is canceled but the property is put right back on the market. It looks "new" and gets a fresh DOM count and new MLS ID #, then it starts getting sent around in email alerts, etc., even though it's not really new.)

Think of the Combined DOM as a true measure of how much hair a house has on it.

True story: This "CDOM" figure – sometimes pronounced by agents as SEE-domm – was unavailable for websites like MB Confidential for years. It was prohibited from the feed of data that goes out to sites like this one.

CDOM was a figure that only agents could see. So realtors could advise clients about what they knew, but unaffiliated consumers didn't have access to that data prior to hiring or working intimately with an agent.

A progressive leader within the local realtors' association was pretty bothered about that. She felt the CDOM figure should be on public websites. Over the Summer, along with Dave and a few others, she geared up to approach MLS authorities to legalize CDOM on real estate websites.

But the climax here was an anticlimax. On our first inquiry to the MLS authorities, we learned: It's already legal! CDOM had been quietly added to the data feed fields that were permissible for public websites like MBC. It's just that nobody really knew or was using it.

We won a victory without firing a shot!

Kudos to the MLS folks for sharing the basic goal of getting more info to the public.

After a little work under the hood here at MBC, we got the CDOM field to show up and work properly. You can now "see" the CDOM. With that, we took one more little step toward data transparency for this market.

You may not see a lot more bogus re-lists in the next couple of months. Listings will quit or go "on hold" for the holidays, and inventory will dwindle. But those that do hang around for November-December will be at a high risk of re-listing in the New Year if they haven't sold.

You, however, won't be at a high risk of falling for the trick.

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