By Dave Fratello | December 17th, 2007
If it's Christmastime, that means it's time to blow stuff up!

Seriously, xmas fireworks are a great local tradition. Downtown's fun, but this year found MBC down at the South End on the Strand, where this is even more of an event than maybe we realized. (Valet parking!?!)

The show was quite good this year; we overheard folks saying it was "the best ever," and who are we to be contrary?

Now, it turns out MB didn't think this tradition up. All over the world, people shoot off fireworks around this time of year. Hey, not everyone celebrates July 4th, for some reason. You've got these in the UK, in the Dominican, in El Salvador... the list goes on.

MBC does not know precisely how this got started in MB, and we would love additional insights.

If you'd like something a tad more than our (poor) snapshot, "Dan90266" offers a couple from the north side here at Flickr.

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