Fixing The Strand

By Dave Fratello | September 30th, 2009

If you're a regular visitor to The Strand ("consumer of Strand services"), you're there to enjoy one of its many benefits:
  • Ocean views
  • People watching
  • Breezes
  • Flora
  • Excellent homes
... and more.

It is, quite simply, a great place to stroll, walk, jog, run or play.

But there are obstacles and annoyances, too.

Last year, MBC readers – surprisingly – rated "kids" on The Strand as the #1 problem. (See MBC's poll setup last year in "Troubles in Paradise" and the results in "Open Forum (7/28-8/3).")

The city is now rating bikes as #1, newly stencil-painting the message you see here all over The Strand as we enter Fall, when fewer and fewer 2-wheeled offenders will be around to get the message.

Let's leave the kids out of this, though.

The biggest concrete problem (er, problem on the concrete) is caused by dogs, or really, more properly, by their owners.

You saw "I Love You, Man." The dude with the dog crapping all over the Venice boardwalk was a mockery, a hysterical extreme – not a role model.

Dogs go. When they are out, they go. That's why they're out.

Dogs are doing the right thing.

Skidmarks, left-behind balls of poop, smashed poop, old, dessicated stains of poop – those are dog owners' fault. Those are people problems.

Maybe we need a different Strand stencil.

The city eventually cleans these messes up for us, too. Like they clean up windblown sand. Or homeless camps. Or the occasional dropped Cheerio or Goldfish, or vomit.

That's hard work, but it'd be less so if the people with the poop machines would pay attention, and take some responsibility.

If the city actually needs the revenue from citing violators, it's not in choice #1 – the bikes. It's in #2.

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