Flood Update

By Dave Fratello | February 12th, 2010
A week has passed since MBC's inventory update in "Super Flood?" and the flow of new listings has remained steady.

There are another 10 new SFRs west of Sepulveda since that post, plus a couple more that we know are in the pipeline, but which just haven't hit the MLS quite yet. (This post was updated from the 9 new listings initially reported.)

That's 20 new listings in the first 11 days of February, a real inventory bounceback. (The graphic here is from Redfin's MB page, a great place to get up-to-the-minute updates on inventory.)

And what's still intriguing is that few of the holiday-season dropouts have returned. Not yet.

We're looking at new offerings, not comebackers. (There are familiar faces, like 215 S. Valley, but that was last seen among the actives a year ago – see "215 Valley's Back.")

Here's a breakdown of where the 10 new listings have shown up:

  • 0 new listings in the Hill Section (in a week);
  • 7 in the Sand; and
  • 3 in the Trees.
This weekend is shaping up as one of the busier ones in a long time for open houses, too, a sure sign of the season.

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