Hard Cases Find Deals

By Dave Fratello | June 17th, 2010
In the Sand, surely the toughest flat walkstreet option for a while has been 501 7th.

And for some reason, the hardest of the recent slate of Old World listings was 456 27th, up on the plateau.

But now, even those 2 have buyers.

MBC recently called 501 7th "the toughest nut to crack on the [flat] walkstreets." (See "Flat Walkstreet Action.") We said, in part:

The fairly large (4br/4ba, 3975 sq. ft.), 1990 build appears solid, but a wreck at the same time...
The "contemporary" design hasn't aged well and may need rethinking, not just an update.

And this was generous.

501 7th began in early April at $2.540m, but shifted quickly to its last list: $2.190m, about $700k above recent dirt sales.

But someone with vision and a sense of the magic of the location has now stepped in.

Moving much further north, the Old World home at 456 27th has lingered more than 100 days.

MBC first drew attention to 27th in "Kickin' It Old World" in early March, noting that, "As plateau streets go, 27th is one of the quietest."

We also said:

the listing pics ooze charm, particularly the kitchen, very inspired, modern, European. 
Other reviewers here called the layout choppy, though the house was cute.

27th began at $1.690m this year, quite a big step below the offering price 2 years ago of $1.950m.

It was last at $1.559m.

Your Tudor home isn't drawing offers? Your tired contemporary is lingering?

Price can fix that.

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