High Sales of 2015 in Manhattan Beach: East MB

By Dave Fratello | January 26th, 2016

We'll now finish up our look back at Manhattan Beach real estate's top sales from 2015. Here are the highest sale prices east of Sepulveda last year.

How big of a story is East Manhattan? Last year, 39% of all residential sales in MB occurred on the "other side" of the highway – including 3 lot sales over $3M.

Highest Sale of 2015

1158 Longfellow Drive Manhattan Beach CA1158 Longfellow is a 26K sqft. lot (more than a half acre) tucked away on the southeastern side of the hill where, once upon a time, the founders of Manhattan Beach built their homes.

Closed Price: $4.000M in June 2015.

Two other lot sales in East MB at 1155 Longfellow (21K sqft., $3.550M) and 1156 6th (15K sqft., $3.300M) were also among the top-dollar sales for all of East Manhattan last year.

Watch for the Longfellow plots, at least, to sprout large new custom homes in one of the city's least-known, most-private locations. (Well, slightly more well-known after this post.)


1131 6th Street Manhattan Beach CA1131 6th (5br/5ba, 5025 sqft.) is new construction just a few doors down off of Sepulveda, built on a 7500 sqft. lot with little consideration to offering one of those huge backyards that East MB is famous for.

Instead, they packed in bonus square footage inside, taking all of today's styles and maxing everything out in a home designed to impress.

Closed Price: $3.600M in Nov. 2015.

As MBC has noted more than once before, this was the highest-priced new construction sale ever in East MB on a typically sized lot. (See, for instance, "Quick East MB New Construx Wrapup," which has a list of top sales.)

It hardly matters that the builder pushed the ceiling pricewise with an outrageous ambitious initial list price, $4.499M. The buyer got a 20% discount and still nailed the blue ribbon for highest-ever purchase price.  

Manhattan Village

52 Village Circle Manhattan Beach CA

SFR Division Champ:

52 Village Circle (4br/4ba, 3275 sqft.) quietly became the priciest-ever public-market sale of one of the single-family homes in Manhattan Village.

Closed Price: $2.325M in April 2015.

The home was changed from its original, 1983 condition, but even with granite counters and an upgraded master bath, the Tudor-style home can be said to want a modernization.

52 Village Circle eclipsed the high sale record set just the year before, when 13 Bridgeport sold for $2.300M. Bridgeport was far more modernized, making the 2015 sale all the more impressive.

17 Fairway Drive Manhattan Beach CA

Townhome Division Champ:

17 Fairway (3br/3ba, 2625 sqft.) just demolished the sales record for townhomes in the Village, putting so much space between it and the prior record-holder, it's almost like they just created a new category.

Closed Price: $2.100M in October 2015.

Now, before we accidentally imply that there's no basis for the price, we need to call your attention to the square footage: That 2600+ figure is 550+ square feet more than basically every other TH sale in the Village.

The unit was custom-built by the original developer of the Village for himself. It's bigger and sports some extras, including extra rooms you wouldn't find in the others. More importantly, this one was lavishly remodeled recently – don't rely on our exterior photo here. Click the address or right here to see the interior photos.

A late-2015 TH sale at 26 Dover Place (3br/3ba, 2040 sqft., $1.625M) nearly matched the high set in 2014 at 24 Fairway Dr. (3br/3ba, 2045 sqft.) which sold off-market in May 2014 at $1.650M.

Obviously, both of those sales were miles behind 17 Fairway.

That was a heck of a sale to wrap up a fairly quiet year in the Village overall. (Sales-wise, that is – leadership intrigues with the HOA were another story.)


Remember, you can see every single home sale from 2015 in Manhattan Beach at the link below, or any time, by pulling down "Sales Data" at the top of the front page to see "ALL 2015 Sales in MB." Here's the link:

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