Highest DOM in Manhattan Beach Today

By Dave Fratello | October 25th, 2018

It's late October, near the end of the Fall "selling season."

Let's take a moment for a snapshot of the DOM for the listings that are out there now, and a look at those harboring the most time on market.

On DOM, we noted recently in a post that the median Days on Market count for Manhattan Beach listings has been stuck in the low 20s, whether you look at the 3-month or 12-month rolling data. (One-month data are way too bumpy and unreliable.)

How about right now?

The median DOM among 110 listings in Manhattan Beach on Thursday, Oct. 25, 2018, is 48 DOM.

Take a look at all listings in Manhattan Beach now. We display them by newest listings first, but as you scan ahead and hit Page 4 (or click here for Page 4), you'll be able to see those that have been lingering longer than the current median time on market of 48 days.

It can be illuminating to see which homes are on one side of the 48-DOM border, and which are on the other.

Below we'll share some that you'd find on the last pages - those with the very most DOM.

Highest DOM Listings

The 3 highest-DOM listings in town appear to be wishers more than sellers.

127 16th Street Manhattan Beach CAA walkstreet lot sale at 127 16th asking $7.200M is the DOM champ at 456 DOM, all compiled with no price cuts.

The lot's not worth $7.2M.

Mid-5's, low 6's, maybe. Discuss.

We thought about messaging the listing firm to find out if they're even aware that this is still on the market.

Turns out it's some MLS data-entry firm, making the listing not much more real than a Zillow "Make Me Move" offering. So, no, it appears no one is minding the store.

Second-highest in DOM is 2722 The Strand, a double lot that has always been priced very high, despite the clearly unique and amazing opportunity.

But hey, they just cut $4M this week to $19.995M. Motivation!??

They're at 348 DOM today, officially. But the listing first emerged in 2015 at $28.500M. (See "Battle of the Big Strand Lots Begins," Oct. 2015.)

317 17th Street Manhattan Beach CA317 17th (6br/10ba, 11,900 sqft.) is a triple-lot walkstreet playland, more like a supersized Vegas ultra-high-roller suite than a beach house.

This is said with love. That's a heck of a place. But who's the buyer? It is going to take some time to find the one who'll jump.

It's at $16.995M in this listing, at 262 DOM.

Go back to the first listing, late January 2017 ($3M higher at $19.950M), and it's at 636 Combined DOM (CDOM).

Gonna take some time?

It's already taken time. Now, more time.

Honorable Mentions Among Higher DOM Listings

New construx at 513 Longfellow (5br/6ba, 5125 sqft.) is a toughie because of location. It's the biggest new house anywhere nearby. Oh, it's hard to be the first, best house. At 237 DOM and asking $4.799M (-$550K/-10% from start).

1426 Marine Avenue Manhattan Beach CA1426 Marine (2br/1ba, 840 sqft.) is notable both for its 195 DOM and for the fact that Redfin (the listing firm) has blocked its own automated value estimate as if to suggest that the (never changed) $1.495M list price is reasonable.

But the buyer only acquired the home a year ago, in March 2017, for $1.279M. (See the past-sale listing here.)

We went into more detail in this April blog post that revealed, for the first time, that Redfin allows its clients to block the firm's automated valuations when they are "inconvenient."

The rub: Back in April, it was clear that this resale was overpriced, and that people were trying to cover up that fact somehow. After 6 months without a cut, c'mon!, release the data and sell the house. Or don't.

915 Duncan Avenue Manhattan Beach CA915 Duncan (5br/7ba, 4640 sqft.) is Hill Section new contrux that has tallied 343 Combined DOM (CDOM), but "only" 160 DOM on the current listing.

(They switched agents midstream, as if it was the marketing, and not the product, that wasn't bringing the spec builders a huge number.)

Begun at $6.150M, down to $5.995M and down again to $5.650M, this one is still looking for a solid deal. One buyer flopped out in early August.

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