Highest Sand Sales of 2016 - So Far

By Dave Fratello | December 13th, 2016

As the year winds down, we'll start taking a look at candidates for some year-end awards.

Let's start with a look at the priciest sales in the Sand Section this year.

125 2nd Street Manhattan Beach CAAt 125 2nd (4br/5ba, 4250 sqft.), a fine, majorly overhauled modern home pulled in the highest price of the year on the public market.

What's not to like about a south end 100 block home near some of the most private beach in So Cal, and just steps to downtown... without being too near town?

The sold price in May was $9.241M.

That's more than $1M off the asking price of $10.300M, but who's griping about that, exactly?

The sale here eclipsed an impressive $9.000M sale for another walkstreet home just north of downtown: 200 16th (4br/5ba, 4150 sqft) in February.

For more on those and other sales from past years, see "To the Nines," our post about walkstreet prices.

Falling just behind those two walkstreet sales with 9's in front:

232 6th Street Manhattan Beach CA232 6th (5br/7ba, 4320 sqft.) at $7.385M.

Yes, that was down from the asking price of $9.000M, but still very solid for a well-done modern nearer to town and running along Highland.

Now, you may be asking: Where are the Strand sales?

That's another update. Stay tuned.

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