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By Dave Fratello | May 1st, 2012
Let's take a look at some of the most interesting listings to make deals recently:

2305 Bayview (4br/4ba, 2600 sq. ft.) is a plus-plus-plus modern remodel of a TH built in 2005. In our review we said we were "unprepared for the shocking fabulousness" of the TH with its "nearly over-the-top level of detail."

As terrific as it is, and as quick as this deal on the public market was, we're told this one has been offered for sale as a "pocket listing" for a couple of years. Certainly, going public helped. But this one also looks something like an example of homes that have been unable to sell in the past making deals this year.

This one last traded for $2.250m in Oct. 2006 with some of its great upgrades in place; the current owner added lots of extras and upgrades. It was listed at the 2006 price, however: $2.249m.
230 Anderson (4br/5ba, 6125 sq. ft.) is a luxurious (maybe too luxurious) custom home with big views. In fact, we've called it "an ultra-custom build dripping with an elaborate 'French Riviera' style." That, plus the layout, seemed to limit its market.

230 Anderson ran a full year last year on market, gradually chopping from $5.5m to $4.5m. Going way, way back to the bubble years, the owners tried to get $7.2m in 2007. It was recently at $3.995m when a deal posted.

That makes 230 Anderson another example of a home with a troubled history on the market making its deal now – but only after finally finding its level.

947 10th (5br/3ba, 3620 sq. ft.) has no recent market history and just simply made a pretty quick deal. Here, good pricing out of the gates helped a lot. Assets unseen west of the highway helped even more.

This is a fairly big 80s home, remodeled in a somewhat formal style, boasting an unusually large lot greater than 8200 sq. ft. (There's a pic of the yard in our review from mid-April.) Offer someone the Hill Section plus a vast yard for $2.2m, you've got a deal quickly.

The more distant history does tell a tale of a remodel partly donated to the buyer – the home sold for $2.350m in headier times (2004). 

1160 Duncan Drive is far more interesting for its unique East MB hilltop location than for the 1960s home currently on the property.

There are views from this plot that are absolutely sweeping, greater than 180 degrees, from the Santa Monica mountains to downtown L.A. to the foothills of O.C. to the Port of Long Beach – we kid you not. The land has a history, too – MB's first homeowner, Col. Blanton Duncan, once had his ranch on the site. Here's our video tour and mini-history lesson:

And if you need a refresher on the history, check out our full original post, "A Third Duncan?" Highlight:

Col. Duncan was the son of a Kentucky congressman and both a Civil War soldier and profiteer... Being new to town, Col. Duncan didn't realize there would be no life east of Sepulveda, so he built a house and ranch... on the east side of the highway.
1160 Duncan Drive was offered for $2.649m.

3116 Alma (4br/2ba, 2500 sq. ft.) is another property that's failed to sell in past years but now has found a buyer. It's also another one that ties back to one of our favorite MBC posts, albeit one that went up in November 2007 ("Old's Cool"), when some of our readers were still in diapers. (OK, that's a stretch.)

The home is an older, added-onto Spanish with its big, grand ocean views from the master.
You can see someone running with it more or less as is, preserving the Spanish vibe and the quirky layout – or the same basic structure could probably serve better with a major update. It was listed at $1.995m.

557 2nd (5br/5ba, 5250 sq. ft.) is a huge, glorious, custom Craftsman that's something of a landmark in the South End of the Sand Section.

It's a landmark and familiar by sight largely due to its main liability – it's on Valley. Cars whiz by at all hours, and it's visible from the major east-west thoroughfare of southern MB, 2nd St. as it becomes 1st St. in the transition from the Hill Section to the Sand at the greenbelt. 

Get over that (not insignificant) issue, and you've got one heck of a special home. As we said in our review:

You'll see that the promise made by the elaborate exterior is delivered on fully inside. There's a love of woods, deep quality of materials, and an aspiration to excellence you find around every corner. With 5250 square feet inside, there's more than enough space everywhere...
This 500-block, Valley-adjacent house was offered at a 200-block price to account for the extra space and exquisite build. It came out 6 weeks ago at $3.5m and was last at $3.295m.

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