Hill Shortie (801 11th) Open Sat.

By Dave Fratello | May 15th, 2010
We don't have a full "Weekend Opens" post for you (yet), but a note just crossed MBC's virtual desk that's worth broadcasting further.

The short sale at 801 11th (3br/3ba, 3050 sq. ft.), a newer (2004) custom home, will be open Sat. from 2:00-2:30pm. 

Yes, 30 minutes or so. Chalk it up to an uncooperative tenant.

This is your chance to see a $1.6m home that MBC recently called "a veritable steal for a fairly large Hill Section house."

Such legalized theft is partly an option thanks to a compromised location. (The home runs along somewhat busy Pacific and backs up to a commercial property. It's perhaps 50 yards from MBB.)

Photos to date have been poor due to the tenant problem. So see it for yourself. And report back here at MBC, too.

11th is touted as an approved short sale at $1.6m – that word "approved" is magical, if true.

Remember, 30 minutes. Saturday May 15. 2:00-2:30pm.

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