Holiday Gifts for MB'ers

By Dave Fratello | December 23rd, 2010
Christmas is just around the corner, and there are always a few tough-to-shop-for people on your list.

If some of them are MB residents, maybe we can help – with our first-ever, last-minute gift guide.

For the Athletically Inclined

Bike Path Multi-Use Pass – Many were appalled this Summer when police cited a rollerblader for skating on the beachfront bike path. The law is the law, they said, and the bike path is clearly marked.

But despite the crackdown, your friends or loved ones can now jog, blade or push a baby stroller on the bike path, if you're quick enough to purchase one of only 50 exclusive one-year passes. It's like having a carpool-lane sticker for your Prius.

With the new Bike Path Multi-Use Pass, you or your giftee will be free to join the high-speed 2-wheelers any time, at any speed, using any form of locomotion. Half the $250 fee goes to improvements, half to enforcement. (And another half to pensions.)

One-Year Pass for Sand Dune Workouts Walks – Give the gift of access to one of MB's rare jewels, the onetime "international workout facility," now a rigorously controlled neighborhood park.

Please note: City regulations require gift recipient to register and make advance reservations online for each visit (no more than 2 weeks in advance), provide ID and license plate information, and show up at the appointed time with ID. No-shows or other rules violators may be forced to relinquish park access rights. One-hour weekday workouts slots start at 8am, 9:30am, 11am, 3pm or 6pm. Limited times Saturday, no reservations Sunday. Walking only permitted; no workouts. Gift recipient must bring $1 cash (bills only) for each visit.

Suggested gift is $10.00 cash, in singles, as we can't fathom anyone visiting more frequently in a year under this system.

Around the House

Low-Flow Toilets – Those 1.6 gallon low-flow toilets are no longer good enough for Manhattan Beach.

As of Jan. 1, 2011, the city requires high-performance, ultra-low-flow 1.28 gallon units throughout any home that's going to be sold.

So go green, and get ahead of the game by outfitting your home with the latest technology. Or help a friend get "with it."

The new ultra-low-flow models are a great gift for anyone whose 3.5-gallon jalopy of a commode you may have noticed during a recent holiday party. Prices range from $175-$775; more for custom units.

Green Construction Fencing – Anyone who's not building now, probably plans to soon.

Whether it's a big-time remodel or a scrape-and-build dream-home project, when that time comes, who wants to rent?!?

That's why it's better to own your own high-quality, green-tarp-wrapped, chain-link fencing.

Several local providers can set you or a friend up with top-shelf fencing. Share yours with friends during their construction projects, or, when your own project is complete, sell the fencing to the next user – at a nice markup, of course. It's the gift that keeps on giving.

Strand Specials

Strand Scrubber – Let's be honest, sometimes Fido or Marley needs more than a single plastic bag to leave The Strand exactly like he or she found it.

Carry the convenient new Strand Scrubber (TM) Cleaning Kit to eliminate those embarrassing skid marks and messes. Choose one of three high-fashion, low-key designs.

Keep The Strand clean, keep our city hygienic, and help maintain property values for all.

Snazzy backpack discreetly holds heavy-duty scrub brush with telescoping handle, three bottles of patented, green cleaning solutions and rags. One pocket holds handy plastic bag dispenser. Starts at $350.

Wireless Tsunami Warning System – Life west of Highland is all you've dreamed about. But the nightmare lurks uncertainly over the horizon: a tsunami could strike and wash it all away.

Conventional tsunami warnings come through conventional media – radio and TV news. Talk about old-school. Why rely on them, when you can protect your property with this new device pooling live, raw data from tsunami sensors all around the Pacific Ocean?

Check the ocean buoy data yourself any time on your iPad or iPhone, or use the unit's "auto-detect" function to have the system alert you whenever ominous ripples suggest that danger may be brewing. System ties into most home security systems and rings housewide alarm whenever tsunami danger may be present. Compatible with wi-fi, 3G and 4G networks and GPS. (Note: Not responsible for personal or property damage caused by inadequate AT&T signal.)

Whatever you choose, here's hoping you & yours have a happy holiday season. We'll be back right after Christmas.

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