How Was Your Summer?

By Dave Fratello | August 26th, 2008
When you're young, you count the end of Summer as the start of school. That'd be tomorrow.

When you're grown up and working for a living, Labor Day is the end of Summer. That's around the corner.

Either way, let's not fret. Instead, let's celebrate what a great Summer this was. Roughly 5 days hot enough to make you wish you had air conditioning. Warmer than usual ocean temps. Some great events at the beach.

Take a moment to vote in the (long) poll at the left. Check off everything you did this Summer at the beach. We're running the poll through the grown-up end of Summer – Monday night at 8pm.

We'll compile the results and let you know how MBC readers spent the season.

Oh, of course, it's not too late – if you see something on the list you haven't gotten to yet, now you have an agenda for the long weekend.

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