Inventory Flashback: 2008

By Dave Fratello | October 7th, 2013

A reader's comment on last week's post, "Low Inventory in 2013, Graphed," suggested the idea for this post.

We've looked back exactly 5 years to see where inventory was then, versus where it is now.

We can do that thanks to the MBC Wayback Machine, also known as the blog archives. MBC's been running more than 6 and a half years online, so there's a lot to plow through.

So we look now to our post for the MB Market Update for 9/30/08, and what do we find? In part:

Inventory of SFRs west of Sepulveda tied the record for the 18-month span that MBC has been publishing public market tracking information at 116.

But there was a time just days before Sept. 30 when inventory was in the high 120s. That was before a raft of 12 cancellations, including 9 in the Tree Section – pretty high for any 2-week period.

Fast forward 5 years. In our MB Market Update for 9/30/13, total inventory was:

  • 57 active listings as of 9/30/13
  • 47 SFRs
  • 10 THs

And to compare apples to apples, we need to look at SFRs west of Sepulveda only.

Out of the 57 listings, 16 were east of the highway. So we're at 41.

Knock out 5 listings that were not SFRs.

That means there were 36 SFRs west of Sepulveda as of 9/30/13, less than one-third of the inventory 5 years prior (116).

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