It Only Takes One Buyer

By Dave Fratello | October 21st, 2007
By far the longest-running listing in MB (west of Sepulveda) went into escrow this past week. The home at 844 11th in the Hill Section first hit the market April 26, 2006, and 540 days then tolled before a purchase contract was signed.

In the case of 844 11th, the collective shrug of the market to a large, clean Hill Section home was understandable – this home is just not for everyone.

Large: How about 5br/4ba and 4500 sq. ft.?

Clean: The style of the home is stark and linear – MBC once called it "imposing" and "modernist" – and many rooms are large, and minimally furnished. (Built in the 80s, this was updated recently.)

Not for everyone: The house is all straight lines and right angles. You may not realize how soft and curvy the average home in MB is until you see an architectural vision like this one fulfilled.

And there are some surprises. On the downside, a smallish and narrow kitchen hidden away from the main living spaces – the opposite of a "great room" feel. Also, a peculiar, trapezoidal dining area with a cramped entry. On the upside (we think), a hydraulic lift allows a third car to park in the two-car garage.

It took some time to work out a price for this one. (Everything took time.) To start, 11th was at $3.175m. For the last several months, it has been at $2.695m (-$480k). We're eager to see what the willing buyer worked out with the willing seller.

This one hung around forever, but, as a home seller, you don't need everyone to buy your house – you just need one buyer. At long last, these sellers seem to have a live one.

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