Just 2 Weeks Left to Re-list!

By Dave Fratello | January 21st, 2008
We believe it, and we don't believe it.

Kaye Thomas reports that, in the imminent merger between our local MLS and a bigger one in SoCal, the practice of bogus re-lists will end.

And the end is near: February 4.

That means that if you didn't already pull a re-list to celebrate the holiday season, you've got just 2 weeks to cancel and restart with a fresh DOM count.

After the merger, individual agents will no longer be able to change a listing's status to "canceled," typically the immediate prelude to a re-list. (The practice is actually called "churning" by the pros. Like many euphemisms, this one hides the meaning a bit too well.)

Only a broker will be able to cancel a listing. Kaye quotes from a memo sent to local MLS members saying that, in other jurisdictions, putting the onus on brokers to take key steps in the "deceptive business practice" of "churning" has "virtually eliminated the practice."

So MBC can (maybe) finally stop writing about DOM and focus on the positives for a while.

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