Just a Few Days in the Trees

By Dave Fratello | June 14th, 2012
It's a familiar story, but we'll keep writing it while the market shoots us the news.

New listings, family friendly, decent prices... gone, and quickly.

Here's what happened with 2 of the new listings we just reviewed for our most recent "Weekend Opens" post.

3412 Pine (5br/4ba, 3150 sq. ft.) is a remodeled home on a corner lot in the Trees.

There are layout quirks: 3 small-to-medium bedrooms downstairs, with 2 big ones upstairs, including a more-than-ample master suite and a pretty good-size second suite.

You can easily love the smashing, central kitchen. Decent little yard. Unique hilltop location with – really – a little roof deck.

This one sold for $1.945m newly remodeled in June 2006, and came back this year $300k lighter at $1.649m.

In our current market, that's a sweet spot with no supply and lots of demand.

So of course they got their deal right after the weekend.

Side note: DOM count shows 10 DOM, but it posted June 7th and went into escrow June 13th... is our math wrong, or the computer's?

Wanna bet whether this one goes up from 1.65?

1812 John (4br/2ba, 1750 sq. ft.) offers a livable home in a prime location near the site of the Spring's biggest auction, 1805 John, which drew 20 offers. (That one sold for $1.352m, basically for the land.)

This one, with a livable house, began at $1.199m, or $150k less, obviously expecting their own little bidding war.

It's an imperfect house (see our review), but they've now got their quick deal, switching the listing to "backup offer" status Tuesday night, not so long after the Monday deadline for the first round of offers.

How many offers? Was it bid up? They're not telling now. Bottom line, they seem to have found their match immediately.


Funny, isn't it, that the major SoCal fishwrapper did not mention Manhattan Beach in its front-page, Sunday story on multiple-offer situations?

Echo Park and Eagle Rock got mentions. Woo hoo. Things must really be jumping up there.

Note to dog-trainer that aspires to be relevant to the whole of the Southland: Take note of areas south of LAX now and then.

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