Last Two Old World Homes Close

By Dave Fratello | July 20th, 2010
Back in March, MBC drew attention to 3 homes, each with a unique and throwback flavor, in "Kickin' It Old World." Now all the homes have sold.

456 27th (3br/3ba, 2625 sq. ft.) lingered more than 100 days before a buyer knocked.

The Tudor at 27th began at $1.690m this year, quite a big step below the offering price 2 years ago of $1.950m.

It has closed for $1.505m, a drop from ambitions this year and last, but a clear boost above the June 2003 acquisition price, $1.179m, which also predated a good deal of remodeling.

Also in the Sand, but further south, 435 10th (4br/3ba, 2025 sq. ft.) sold for $1.499m, as we've previously noted. It began in October last year at $1.799m.

That home had location going for it – a flat walkstreet near downtown – but the inside was a little too unique for most people. The new owners are under way on a big interior renovation as we write.

Finally, 2701 Maple, a pre-ZORP biggie (4br/4ba, 4000 sq. ft.) that won a design award when built in 1983, closed for $1.725m in late June.

The home's a bit of a landmark in the local area, very distinctive. Like 27th, its sale price this year reflects a nice boost over a 2003 and a pre-remodel acquisition price: $1.080m. It came down modestly from a start price of $1.825m this year.

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