LAT Tries to Crash the Market

By Dave Fratello | July 19th, 2007
The regional fish-wrapper appears to have some kind of agenda to crash the housing market.

How else to explain the front-page treatment (in Business) of a story entitled "Southland home sales tumble," complete with snazzy maps and charts to make the point? And what's with singling out Manhattan Beach for an 18% drop in prices (June 2007 vs. 2006)?

What about the good news?

MB sales (-23.5%) weren't off as badly as the multi-county SoCal region as a whole, which saw a 36% drop in sales YoY. And the median price is still up 2.4% in the region, and 4.8% in L.A. County!

Don't the Times' editors understand that their slant, or data, or whatever, could shake buyers' confidence? Or, worse, embolden them to wait to buy?

UPDATE: Data corrections were made after a commenter pointed out errors. Thanks.

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