Lock and Load, Again

By Dave Fratello | October 2nd, 2012
In Fall, the real estate market gets a little sleepy and odd.

Kids are in school, people are settled, inventory is slow, not much to get excited about.

Or is there?

2301 John (4br/3ba, 2600 sq. ft.) is poised to bring a burst of excitement again.

Wednesday night, which is the more exciting event?

The presidential debate, or the sellers looking at offers for 2301 John?

Depends on your perspective.

Rumors are rumbling that this will once again be multiple+multiple offers.

There were 20 offers for 1805 John St. way-back-when (March 2012), but that was a unique case with builders and owner-users competing against each other for a prime lot. The 5065 sq. ft. lot went for $1.352m, and that wasn't even the highest bid.

Several offers flowed in for 1812 John (4br/2ba, 1750 sq. ft.), twice – the property came back to market after a failed escrow. (We never got a reliable count of offers.) The structure needs some help but probably won't be razed. That one fetched $1.330m.

So here we are on John again, wondering if the madness will be rekindled.

It's not so much John St. per se, but this is about location.

Notable: the lot at 2301 John is nearly 6000 sq. ft., and a sunny south-facing corner at that. A lot of potential at some point.

The single-level house... it's charming in its way, not the maximal use of this lot, though, and at least needs some amount of updating.  (In fact, we overheard the listing agent telling others that the current owners bought the property 10 years ago intending to scrape the house and redevelop it, but ultimately just found the existing house comfy enough.)

There's no "but" here, though.

There will be buyers. They're locking and loading now.

The start at $1.519m will be exceeded.

The only questions: How many? And by how much?

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