Making Cuts to Get Attention Early

By Dave Fratello | February 6th, 2018

If you've got a listing that's been around a bit, eventually you must cut.

Now, that's always true, but this reality hits a little differently early in the year.

We see listings on the market now that tried in 2017, but didn't sell. Soon, they'll be competing with new 2018 listings.

So before they get lost in the flood, some of these listings are cutting prices now, in a basic plea for attention and offers.

Below are all the 11 listings on the market now that we recognize from last year, but which have lower prices now. Some have also re-listed to restart their DOM clocks.

It can't be a coincidence that 8 of these ongoing listings with price cuts are from the Sand Section. That may be all you need to see to know that 2017 was often a challenging year for Sand Section listings.

469 29th Street Manhattan Beach CA469 29th (4br/3ba, 1500 sqft.) is a snazzy remodel that began in Aug. 2017 at $2.595M, ran 90 days even after a price cut and later quit.

It's back now looking quite compelling at $2.295M, more than 11% below last year's start.

461 27th (3br/4ba, 2300 sqft.) is a whole different bird, a completely sleek and thoughtfully built new modern on a very nice street.

First listed at $3.795M in June, the listing was rebooted at lower prices in September and November.

It came back in January 2018 at $3.349M, nearly $450K and 12% below the start.

452 27th (5br/4ba, 3850 sqft.) is a spacious 1990 contemporary that is spiffy but largely original.

The listing ran almost 4 months from $3.350M down to $3.250M, but quit. It's now back at $3.150M.

1704 Highland Avenue Manhattan Beach CA1704 Highland (4br/4ba, 3300 sqft.) is an oversized townhome with views and good remodeling inside.

It's now on its third listing this week, after a debut in May 2017 at $4.400M.

The new price of $3.699M is over $700K and 16% under that ambitious start.

317 17th (6br/10ba, 12,000 sqft.) is a super glam walkstreet Mediterranean paradise with a touch of a Vegas over-the-top beauty to it. (Click the address, you gotta see it.)

There aren't many buyers at the top of the top end, so they were patient with this listing last year, waiting to catch the right eyeballs.

It ran a year at $19.950M and just re-listed at $16.995M. Call it $3M and 15% off.

129 8th (5br/4ba, 3350 sqft.) is a sort of challenging, custom modern remodel on a walkstreet near town and west of Manhattan Ave.

They ran October through December 2017 at $5.995M, but quit at the holidays.

They cut $500K upon returning to market in late January, now $5.499M.

108 The Strand Manhattan Beach CA108 The Strand (5br/7ba, 6500 sqft.) has been offered by those TV show folks on-and-off since Sept. 2016, but last year was the bulk of its market time.

It was at $19.995M for a spell, then had two prices in "the 18s" later in 2017.

(We discussed the pricing strategy dramatized on the TV show in "Strand Re-List Down $2.5M, Below TV Show Estimate," which was kinda fun.)

It's been rebooted at $17.500M this year, about $2.5M and 12% below the start.

441 1st (5br/5ba, 4675 sqft.) is a French Normandy home in the South End that has not had great luck.

This is the 4th consecutive year with a listing for 441 1st in it, and the new price, $3.995M, is down basically $1M and 20% from its start in Dec. 2015.

3613 Maple Avenue Manhattan Beach CA3613 Maple (5br/5ba, 3250 sqft.), a formal Mediterranean near Rosecrans, emerged in November 2017 at $2.995M.

A succession of cuts, including $200K this week, have brought it down to $2.495M. That's $500K and 17% under start.

221 Larsson (3br/3ba, 2050 sqft.) ranks as one of the more affordable, move-in-ready family homes west of Sepulveda, but has not made its magic yet.

Launched at $1.995M in October 2017, it cut to $1.799M in early February and re-listed this week. That's about $200K and 10% below the start.

1130 Laurel (3br/3ba, 2900 sqft.) is a unique Mediterranean TH near town.

Unlike some of the others, this one hasn't been only cutting and cutting. It began last August at $2.249M and raised its price to $2.335M, on the way to 4 months on market without selling. It's back now at $2.275M, still higher than its first price last year, but a cut from its peak.

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