Making it Happen (-$325k)

Posted by Dave Fratello on Sunday, November 25th, 2007 at 7:08am.

They say you can't time markets.

Here's an example of what seems like bad timing – 2615 Valley came up for sale on July 31, a week before the mortgage meltdown began.

The RE world changed on or about August 7, 2007, and here was Valley, asking $1.799m for 4br/4ba and 1950 sq. ft. on a busy street.

Sure, the remodel was (is!) unusually good. A nice plus. But, really, $1.8m was high then, and it quickly looked ridiculous. So the price slipped to $1.699m and then to $1.599m.

About 3 months into the process, the sellers got a live one, and reeled him in by offering a further $125k discount. This week, 2615 Valley closed for $1.475m, down $325k (-18%) from initial list.

It's no catastrophe for the sellers, who were two-year-itchers. They paid $1.229m in April 2005. Their sale price here is +$246k (+20%), or +$157k net if they paid out a full 6% for costs of sale.

Would the sellers have preferred another $300k in profit? Of course. But in this market, it's better to get out than to hold out.
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