MB Becoming Coach Central

By Dave Fratello | May 1st, 2013

We've already got the 2 big (current) college football coaches in Manhattan Beach.

Now the Lakers' (current) coach, Mike D'Antoni, has come to town.

As the LA Times reports this morning, the coach purchased an MB walkstreet home for $6.9M, and that would have to be this one.

In a recent post on "New 100-Block Heights" we mentioned this home:

[This is] a bigger-than normal home thanks to subterranean space, with 5br/5ba and 5000 sq. ft.

Location? Nearly at The Strand, with a walkstreet on one side, the corner at Ocean Ave. (no neighbor to west, in other words) and a fully built Strand house across the way that seems "low" and affords even better views from the top level of 116 25th.

And oh, what a top level that is – very high ceilings, tons of windows, a big deck that integrates into the living space. You get up there and say, "Oh, yes."

Welcome to town, coach, enjoy the view.


Bonus linkage: Last November, on occasion of the USC-UCLA football game (sorry, 'SC fans, for bringing up a wrenching memory), we quoted both of the college coaches about MB. See the post here.

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