MB Confidential is 12

By Dave Fratello | March 7th, 2019

Maybe you have watched your kids grow up, one day saying something like, "Where did my little baby go?"

Or, "Wow, I just learned something from my kid." Maybe even, "Holy cats, my child just drove me someplace!"

These are all signs of growth, maturing, the passage of time. They reflect right back on you, and if you're at all the introspective type, you get to reflecting, too, taking stock, and hopefully counting your blessings.

That's a big windup for today's news: MB Confidential is 12 years old today. (Our headline sorta gave it away.)

And yes, your blog author here is the introspective type, and yes, he's sitting here right now feeling thankful, amazed, impressed by how much is behind us, thrilled by what lies ahead.

We're busy.

We've got news coming, which is not quite ready to announce today.

We're looking forward, always, ready to jump to the next thing.

But what about you, MBC reader?

So many of you have been here since the start, in March 2007, or soon after.

Indeed, one of the most common experiences Dave has out around Manhattan Beach is people introducing themselves and saying they've been readers or even fans of MB Confidential since "the very beginning." People still remember back when Dave was anonymous and MBC was part public square, with a vigorous (even argumentative) comments section. (Huggy, man, where'd ya go?!?) 

Many of you are fairly new. You got to researching local real estate, found this one outpost of info & opinion, and locked in.

You like what we're doing here, with more data and more of a micro-focus on Manhattan Beach than you can find anywhere.

We're thankful to you. We keep this going because of the feedback and engagement we get from you.

You've also helped make Dave one of the top-producing real estate brokers in the area.

The shift in career enabled by MB Confidential has helped cut intrastate and interstate travel out of the job equation. We rarely leave the ZIP code now. (The bubble life may have some negatives of its own, haha.)

So thank you for sticking with us! We'll keep it up!

A little, tiny ad we need to slip in here: If you're in the market as a buyer or seller, please give Dave a call or drop him an email. We'd love to help. It keeps this whole operation going when just a few longtime readers become clients.

A bigger thanks: Our first reader, Mrs. MBC, is still here, too.

Talk about thankful. That's only the start of how we feel toward her.

You'll like what she's doing online at DigMB.com (local news) and JollyTomato.com (food/nutrition & travel). Follow her work on Instagram, too, at a minimum. Enjoy!

A historical note: Our very first post in March 2007 warned that prices were dropping in Manhattan Beach, an uncomfortable truth that was largely denied by the real estate industry here at the time. Over the next 12-18 months, that truth became clearer, then totally undeniable. (This screen grab is from July 2007.)

We haven't really experienced another drop since the market kicked back up in 2010-11. But today, there's a lot of hand-wringing about how a slowdown is either happening or inevitable.

Oh, yes, we hear that. We share with you everything we can, so you can decide. Mostly so far, we're telling you the data aren't there yet, despite the buzz.

If and when we can call a true change/reversal in the market, you know we will.

For now, we're going to keep up the mission of getting the truth out there for a smarter local real estate market.

And we might have some fun along the way, too.

Thank you again for these first 12 years.

Please see our blog disclaimer.

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