MB Market Update for 6/30/10, Overview

By Dave Fratello | July 8th, 2010
As June wrapped up, it turned out to be the first month in a while in new listings substantially outpaced sales (new escrows).

In our independent market tracking, MBC recorded 30 new listings and 20 sales (new escrows) for the whole month among SFRs west of Sepulveda.

Looking only at the 2-week period from June 16-30, an imbalance was more notable: 17 new listings, and 8 sales (new escrows). Of course, during this period, you may have noticed that school let out all over and people skipped town, so we'll try not to over-interpret the dropoff in sales.

For the whole story, see the new MB Market Update spreadsheets. Those are up online for your viewing and use by clicking here, or at any time by using the pull-down menu on the front page under "MB Market Updates."

Total inventory was at 83 SFRs west of Sepulveda, up 4 from the end of May, a figure that would have been higher but for 5 cancellations in the second half of June, 6 total for the month.

Inventory by sub-region west of Hwy. 1 (for more see the tracking page of the spreadsheets) broke out this way:
More soon on activity in each part of town. We'll bring you up to the current moment as we look at each subsection west of Sepulveda.

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