MB's Quiet 100th

By Dave Fratello | December 7th, 2012
Manhattan Beach turned 100 this week.

That was this past Sunday, Dec. 2, actually.

Did you see a parade? Fireworks? A boozy bash on the beach?

Not this time.

Like many MB'ers, we had this sense that everything would build to a crescendo. Then it didn't.

We loved the MB Centennial Parade. (See our post from May, with our pics plus links to lots of others' photos.)

After that, honestly, we didn't see much.

Turns out, there was a "symposium" to celebrate last Saturday. (Learn more about the speakers and the program here.)

And it turns out there is some kind of backstory about why grander events didn't work out, fingers are being pointed, and the net result was a very quiet flip into MB's second century. The new SouthBay magazine pulls together a chunk of the story, lightly hinting at deeper controversies. (Click here to read "Centennial Celebration: Half-Baked," online.)

But we're not going to wallow in the mud of what did or didn't happen or why. That's a human issue.

We've got a civic pride issue here: MB is 100! We're now into our second century.

It ain't much by most measures, perhaps. But we are much, much older more established than, say, Irvine (founded 1971).

Here's a proposal: How about this Sunday, we shut down our downtown, bring in some snow for the kids to play in, have some military plane flyovers, everyone just mills about for a time to chitchat, and we blow up some fireworks?

And make sure there's a Dixieland band.

Oh, you, say: We do that practically every year anyway.

This time, it's different. Every snowball tossed, every note from the clarinet and every blast in the sky celebrates the dawn of our next century.

Happy 100th, MB, you know you're special!

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