Near $2.8M for Another Martyrs Lot

By Dave Fratello | August 19th, 2015

719 19th Street Manhattan Beach CAYou knew when they put up 719 19th for sale that there would be great interest.

It's a corner lot in a prime area that's oversized by perhaps one-third over the norm for the area at 6425 sqft.

There's a lot you can do with that. But the start price was prohibitive for many: $2.400M.

Prohibitive for many, perhaps, but not so much to block out all interest...

Multiple offers streamed in, and here we have the closed sale now: $2.775M.

That's a chunk of change for dirt.

Dave recently sold a remodeled home nearby just over on Agnes, about 1900 sqft., for $2.700M off-market.

Here, we see someone paying more before breaking ground.

In a different area near the American Martyrs church, there was recently a sale at effectively $3M for land.

That was at 608 14th St., an ocean-view lot near town. In that case, the land square footage was 5800 sqft., but the views add value. The sale there: $2.950M. (See "Martyrs' First $3M Lot.")

The lesson for now: Prime Tree Section lot values don't show any sign of slowing their rise.

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