Never Mind, I Don't Need $300k

By Dave Fratello | April 5th, 2007
It's already time for MBC's first "where are they now" follow-up story.

Not so long ago, we featured 521 Manhattan Beach Blvd., a duplex near Ardmore, in "I waited 6 months, now give me $300k."

Then we discussed an attempted flip, purchased for $1.495m in Aug. '06, on market 1/31/07 for $1.875m after some interior remodeling.

But now, $305,000 has come off the price. That's right, the same listing is up now for $1.570m.

At this point, the flippers just want their costs back so they can move on.

Of course, the property is "relisted" (#S944336) and there's no trace of the old price. New start date is 3/30/07. (This relist is courtesy of Shorewood.)

How quickly dreams confront reality, eh? Oh, right, this ain't over.

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