No Fluff and Filler This Week

By Dave Fratello | October 5th, 2007
If (when?) you flip through this week's Beach Reporter, you'll catch a couple of notices to readers like this one.

The BR will not be running its "real estate editorial" this week.

Hunh. You mean, the BR normally runs "editorials" about RE? Like critical analyses? Opinions?

No, no, dontcha kid yourself. What the publisher means here is "copy" or, in lay terms, "articles." The BR normally publishes RE fluff and filler right near the start of the open-house listings and RE ads.

The typical package:
  • a "real estate profile" (a soft-focus interview with a local RE professional),
  • a market-conditions article written by Shorewood, and
  • a list (with photos) of top-producing agents at a local RE brokerage.
Any BR readers disappointed by the failure of the paper to deliver this high-impact content this week are free to cancel their subscriptions.

Seriously, the "real estate profiles" require the BR to assign a staff reporter to conduct a non-critical interview of a realtor, mortgage broker, etc. That means the paper is spending money to promote its advertisers.

Printing the market musings of a major RE player as news is a further compromise.

The "top producers" feature takes the BR fully across the line that "news" papers normally observe between the business and editorial sides.

It's all good, though. Free-weeklies have different rules, don't they?

Do you imagine that the BR might print MBC's musings from time to time?

Nah, we didn't think so, either. And that's OK, because we don't advertise there.

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