Ocean Views to Write Home About

By Dave Fratello | August 7th, 2018

113-27th-St-manhattan-beach-ocean-viewWe want to share info on a big-time ocean view property now on the market.

But first, can we share a little secret?

It's an uncomfortable truth. For all the pricey properties in Manhattan Beach, many with ocean views have views that are, frankly, disappointing.

Yes, disappointing.

We've come to understand this best, perhaps, when buyer clients who wanted views kept coming up (almost) empty.

The main concern: The downsloping walkstreets, where many of the best homes should get the best views, are mostly built up. You have 3-story homes next to 3-story homes.

If the neighbor is at full height, there's no view to the west. This leaves a view corridor out of the front or the back of the home (or both), but not too much ocean view from living areas of the home. Sometimes you need to position yourself right at the very front of the house, maybe go out on a balcony, to see the ocean.

Yeah, yeah, First World problems. We get it. This is a relative kind of "problem."

But this is also a cold, hard reality about local real estate that should mean a buyer would appreciate a truly great ocean view when it comes up. A protected view? Even more so.

113 27th Street Manhattan Beach CAWhich brings us to 113 27th St., and some big-time ocean views.

The current building, a triplex at the corner of 27th and Ocean Drive, is only 2 stories tall and not near the maximum height of 30 feet. A new build, however, would have views that clear the Strand homes in front.

This means that, unlike some monster ocean views, the 3rd-floor views from this property would not be "rented." They're permanent. Each home in the row of Strand homes in front caps out closer to the 2nd-story height at 113 27th. They're mostly newer buildings, and won't get any higher, due to the natural slope of the sand dune. They're 3 stories only on the Strand side. (You can see this in our photo below of the Strand townhomes directly in front of 113 27th, with our rough sketch of where a 3rd story at 113 27th might rise.)

Just seeing over the Strand homes makes for a pretty great view opportunity, and then... look south.

To the south there's almost nothing. Bruce's Beach Park is there. The parking lots for the beach and the county lifeguard station are there. You can see over all of it, easily. (The photo at the top of this post is from the approximate location of a 3rd story at 113 27th.)

This, folks, is a killer ocean view. Protected.

Sand. White water. Blue from Catalina up to Malibu.

Yes, yes, yes.

Our video here below captures more highlights and view angles (email subscribers may need to click this link to see the video):

This corner lot at Ocean/27th is offered at $5.599M. It went into escrow before hitting the market, but now has fallen out of escrow and needs a new buyer.

113-27th-street-manhattan-beach-ocean-views-moreWe had a buyer considering the property (pre-market) and went out and collected photos & video of our own to capture the view potential. That buyer decided to pursue something else, so we're happy to share the images we got with everyone.

If you were considering this property, you'd look at the potential for a large single-family home on site. With this typical 30 x 90, 2700 sqft. lot, you could get a ~4200 sqft. home with 3-car parking, or more with a basement.

The RH zoning would also allow for 2 townhomes. This might be an ideal use of the lot. Building for spec, the value of two THs probably exceeds the value of one house by a bit.

113-27th-street-manhattan-beach-views-northViews to the west and north from what would be the "rear" unit would still be considerable.

Whatever one does, you'd want to design a home for maximum view potential.

Someone's going to see that potential and make a move.

Next steps at 113 27th will be great to see. Kind of like the views.


* Photo/video info and caveats: We did our best with a drone to approximate a 30-foot height hovering over the middle of the lot, mostly, for photos and video shared here. Any potential buyers should conduct their own investigations and obtain their own photos, videos and measurements, as neither Dave Fratello nor MB Confidential can take responsibility for what others may do with this information. We're just happy to share.

Please see our blog disclaimer.

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