Open Forum (12/16- )

By Dave Fratello | December 16th, 2010
Sometimes, it's clear when MBC needs a new "Open Forum."

New MB City Manager David Carmany
When we lose a police chief, or gain a city manager.

When the governor-elect starts talking about the state budget outlook, and words like "grim" and "devastating" don't even begin to tell the story, and you have to know that carnage trickles down. (See the gov-elect's Powerpoint here, or this page with links to others.)

When there really hasn't been enough talk about toilets in MB, despite some big changes.

Please use this "Open Forum" post to discuss whatever's on your mind – the commercialization of, and/or war on, Christmas, whether the Minnesota Vikings should join the Lakers in playing in downtown L.A., or whether the Fed's relative string of successes will continue throughout 2011.

Please see our blog disclaimer.

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