A Personal Revelation

By Dave Fratello | July 13th, 2007
There are many blogs that are about the authors of those blogs.

This is not one of those types of blogs.

There are many real estate blogs that serve mainly to promote the business of the authors, typically agents who help to buy and sell homes.

This is not one of those types of blogs.

MBC is something different, a fact we know that some readers appreciate, and some don't.

The decision to publish this blog anonymously was made a long time ago, before there were readers, and it has been made again and again since. The principal reason is to let the content speak for itself.

Not incidentally, MBC also allows anonymous comments. That is because, first, a blog is best when it features a live, organic, two-way conversation, and, second, because anonymity encourages a frank exchange of information. (Though neither frankness nor truth are guaranteed.)

Anonymity, in general, seems to make MBC better, not worse.

It has been a bit of a surprise to learn, over these months, that some readers think MB Watcher is a realtor. That is not true. Indeed, we can go a bit further and specify that your faithful correspondent enjoys no income from the business of real estate.

We might never have said that much, but the goal here is to end a witch hunt before it begins.

No innocent person should be accused of authoring this blog on grounds that doing so would be against the interests of his or her employer, or in contravention of any policies or binding agreements to which that person is a party.

History shows that once a cloud of suspicion forms, many are unduly tainted and harmed. Let's not have that happen here.

Oh, sure, it might seem MBC could clear up all questions by ending the policy of anonymity.

Not now. That is a decision to be made on its own terms, not under any pressure.

We've already spent too much time on this subject, fairly proving that this issue is a distraction to be avoided. Likewise, we shall avoid descent into long-winded, high-falutin', self-justifying diatribes about the "purpose" or "meaning" of Manhattan Beach Confidential. It is what it is. An alternative view, an alternative place to go and learn and share and argue.

Please note that our disclaimer encourages requests for corrections to any factual information that is in dispute.

We're doing our best here, but not in violation of any oath or agreement or terms of any license or certification.

It's a blog, folks, and even if it seems inconvenient at times, it ain't a crime.

Please see our blog disclaimer.

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